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Macca Chats to War Time Legend Alec Penstone

Vectis Interviews

Tuesday, 1 August 2023 - 46 minutes

Macca Chats to War Time Legend Alec Penstone about his book MY TEN AND A HALF ARCTIC CONVOYS.


Alec Penstone is ninety eight years old and has just come back from the D-Day Celebrations in France. He was one of the last Arctic Convoy survivors to attend. Only fifteen veterans were able to go of whom only seven could still stand up.

Alec is one of those seven

The Arctic Convoys took vital supplies to Russia during the Second World War to aid their battles against Nazi Germany. 

Alec also took part in the D-Day invasion of France on the 6th June 1944. Subsequently, his warship was sent to the Pacific Theatre of War to fight against the Japanese. 

Alec was a Royal Naval ASDIC operator charged with listening for and detecting

U-boats. He lives on the Isle of Wight and is believed to be the last survivor of the Pacific War living here.  His war and life story are full of unforgettable events which he can recall in amazing detail.  

For the last year, together with five friends, we have met with him to record his memories which form the basis of this Book. It is entitled My Ten and a Half Arctic Convoys and the Rest of my Life. It is his life story but the centrepiece is his Arctic Convoy and Second World War experiences. The Book comprises just over 33,000 words with over 20 photographs.

We expect most interest to be shown in his War memories which fall into 5 phases

We are ready to take orders. For further details, please E-mail jamesking21@sky.com.

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