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Simon & Shania Steele

Hi,I'm Humpty (aka Simon Steele). My nickname was given to me by Mr Mac. I have always been a fan of radio, stretching back if any of you can remember to the Radio Victory days, the local independent station for Portsmouth.

I like radio to be entertaining and personality led and to be informative.I do a Sunday show between 1pm-4pm with my daughter Shania. So if you like radio to have lots of laughs, entertainment and even arguments in between some good music, give my show a listen. Who knows I might even bring in Buster the budgie. Never work with children and animals lol.


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    The Weekly wonder 26 march 2023

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    Nick & Josh talk to Jon from local band Any Road.

    Nick & Josh talk to Jon from local band Any Road.

  • Vectis Interviews

    Maggie & Kelvin talk to Lucy Johnson, the Radio Accountant.

    Lucy gives hints and tips to help small businesses as the end of the Tax Year approaches. You may be able to save some money!