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Macca Chats to Sewsoys from Colchester

Vectis Interviews

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 - 11 minutes

Our soy wax wraps are a sustainable and environmentally friendly substitute to single-use plastic clingfilm. Our unique wax blend is made of soy wax and other food-safe ingredients. Once the product is no longer useable, the 100% cotton fabric can be composted.
Our mission is to tackle the imperative and accumulating issue that single-use plastics pose to our environment. The weight of this matter is what fuelled our mission to curtail disposable clingfilm use: saving the environment whilst saving consumers' money.
We aim to get our product to as many people as possible- allowing them to make the sustainable swap. We aim to do this through selling at markets, attending trade fairs, building a reputation on social media and advertising within school and the wider community.
Our values play a major role in the sourcing, production and sales of our product. From supporting small, local businesses, to ensuring our product's components are biodegradable, food-safe and vegan; and ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase.

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