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Phil Norris

Hello I'm Phil.

From an early age music has always comforted my soul deeply. At 7 i was introduced to Kenny Rogers & Country Music and then later i discovered Blues Music. These soon become my friends and have been loyal in every situation since.

Later on I became a Country dance teacher, DJ and even a festival DJ for 6 years where I discovered my dream to share my passion on the radio.

Here at Vectis Radio and the adult learning course this dream hopefully will come true with an idea for a show i have, an hour of Country followed by an hour of Blues on a weekday evening. I envisage a journey of music including local artist studio interviews, live studio acoustic performances and even a live broadcast from The Isle of Wight Blues festival.

To play Country Music on the radio is as old as Country Music itself, families huddled around the wireless excites me. The Blues is a personal journey of peoples lives and to share those moments with listeners is an incredible opportunity to bring people together in unity.