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Hi and I am Harrison. I am 17 years old, and I enjoy playing guitar and xbox. I also enjoy watching Youtube and Paramount+ on my TV, as well as playing Dungeons and Dragons and other board game. I like making music on my iMac. I like playing Mega Man, Mega Man X, Overwatch 2, ESO, Five Nights at Freddys's. I like writing, reading books and drawing. I also enjoy listening to music on my Spotify playlist, most notably, rock, pop, and rap, though I like all genres. I also like anime.


Hi I’m Connor and I want to be famous

I like Marvel Star Wars gaming and technology oh and Dungeons and Dungeons and watching movies.

I want to be a music star my hobbies are gaming watching telly and playing the Piano.

I am here do to one thing… make you all laugh (and produce a good podcast).

My favourite radio is radio1 Vectis radio.

I love making new friends and chatting a lot!

I don’t like Mushrooms only Mario should eat them fun fact the creator of Mario was originally wanted him to be brown so he looked like chocolate

I honestly have no clue what he was thinking. The colour scheme I mean think about it  it would look terrible.