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The 4Ps Project - St Georges School


                                          The Dragons of St Georges Class of 2023/2024

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Hello, my name is Finn Parsons. I am 19 years old and I am a very open minded, out spoken individual who is quite eccentric. 
I live in the lovely town of Ryde and my favourite pass time is exercise.  My main goal in life is to be a great actor, and be able to retire my mother with the money I earn.  

Hello, my name is Liam Cox. I am 18 years old. I am a kind and caring person towards animals. My favourite thing to do is to hang out with friends whenever I can online. I play a bunch of games with my friends like Minecraft, FIFA and many more. I intend to keep on doing my cooking podcasts for the Vectis Radio website and I will talk to you all very soon.

Hello there my name is Dan. I am 18 years old. I am known as a very quiet person but sometimes I can bring my voice out. I live in Newport and in my spare time I play in the Wight Diamonds Marching Band. I play the bass drum and snare drum. I also work part time as a waiter at the Hungry Bear in Brading. It's hard work but I enjoy it.

Hello, my name is Sam. I am 17 years old. I live in Sandown on the Isle of Wight, I play darts every Thursday for a pub called The Castle in the Sandown\Bembridge league on the island.I also practice with a professional darts player called Keegan Brown. I also love football. I support Liverpool and try to learn as much about football as I can every week. My favourite band is Blink 182 but I also listen to a variety of genres such as hard rock, metal, and many others. I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about me.

Meet the Dragons of St Georges School Class of 2022/2023

Hello, my name is Joel Portsmouth. I'm a student in 6th form. I have 2 brothers, 3 sisters, 7 nieces and 3 nephews. I have a variety of things I like to talk about including, Art, Working on cars and Playing video games

The type of art I like doing is drawing and paper mache. My favourite things to draw are people, cars and landscapes. I find drawing really relaxing and I feel like I can get very creative with it.

In 6th form, I've been working on cars and I have really enjoyed it. As a car enthusiast, it is one of my favourite lessons to learn. In car mechanics / car maintenance, we have been learning about different tools and how to use them, how to clean your car, how to take the wheel off and how to keep safe. My favourite types of cars are the Japanese ones like the Subaru Impreza, Toyota Supra, Toyota Chaser, etc.

Hello, my name is Liam Cox. I'm a student in 6th form 4. I have 1 sister, 3 brothers and 1 niece. i love a variety of things which is including, Archery, Art, Playing Video Games, Cooking and Hanging out with my friends.

I have done archery at a sports centre in Ventnor before, and I still enjoy using the bow and arrow since I have got a sharp aim. Art is also another thing I enjoy because when I do art I get to do it in my own type of style and I have always been a creative bloke.

One of the things I do in my free time is play video games with my friends such as Garry's Mod, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Minecraft, etc. I also go out with my fiends in Newport. A lot of the time, we usuallly hang out near Newport and we always have a cracking time. One activity that I definately enjoy is cooking, I have improved at it since last year since I was just starting to learn it back then.

Hi I am Matilda. I live in Ryde. The things that I love to do are wathing TV, doing yoga, resting, reading books and cooking. Two of my favourite things to do are swmming and listing to music. I do that quiet a lot. The best thing that I love doing is acting, singing and dancing.It helps me to relax and it is fun.

Hi my name is Jack. I live in Ryde. I love history about the Isle of Wight like old building's all around the island. I have a cat collad Tinkerbell she is black and white and she loves to sleep all day long. I love ghost storey all around the Isle of Wight my favourite ghost story called the headless horseman. I am a big singer I like sing song from 2010 up to 2022 my favourite song to sing is love some one.

Hi my name is Timmy and I like computers, phones, gaming and watching netflix and Youtube. I want to visit Japan because anime is very popular over there I also like anime because about the queen passing. like the cuphead show which is about two cups one called cuphead and one called mugman their a bit mischievious their always getting in to trouble all the time. I also like Horrid Henry which is about a boy which is very horrid and he has rude friends caled ralph al bert and brian he also has a brother called peter Henry dosn't like him very much I like watching it because it's funny. I also like watching The garfield show which I also like watching because it's funny aswell because it's Garfield is a bit mean to nermal which is another charicter in the show and he lives with odie which is his best friend that's all I'd like to say for now.

Hi my name is Hayden, i'm 16 years old.

My favourite things to do are watching videos on my ipad, visiting vectis radio,swimming and ballet which is a style of dance. My favourite foods are toast with butter, pringles the salt and vinager flavour, i love mcdonald's i always pick 9 chicken nuggets and chips. In the summer i visited Scotland we went to the Glenfinnan viaduct which is a arch like viaduct  from the film harry potter it was amazing, We also visited Balamory with all the colored houses this is filmed in Tobermory. The drive to get to scotland from the Isle of Wight took 9 and a half hours it was very long.

Hi my name is Melissa I'm 16 and this is my first time being in 6th form, I like listening  to my favourite band One Direction, watching Disney and Harry Potter. I would like to visit Paris to try the fresh bread that they make and try differant food and go to Disney Land Paris. Also l like singing disney songs or other singers such as little mix and Katie Perry. Also I love reading, going on walks, performing arts, I love cooking and learning at school. I have two pets one a parrot and the other is a dog their names are my dog is called Bear and my parrot is called Benji.

Hello my name is Jack, I'm 15 years old

My favourite things are gaming, discussing politics and transformers. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In the summer, I spend time with my dad in Sunderland in the north. When I leave school I want to become a mechanic.

Hello my name is Emily.I am 16 years old. I have a hamster called Oaklen and a cat called Reece. She only likes me when I feed her. I love going horse riding. I like Harry Potter but I was sad when Dobby died. I would like to work with horses when I leave school, or with children.

Hi my name is Angel and i'm 16 years old and i'm from East Cowes

I love going to Lower Hyde every weekend dancing and I went there for a week with mum and stayed in a shalley. Every Tuesday after school I have McDonalds then I go to Starlight Academy dance class and we do some fun dancing and play some fun drama games. Next year I am going to take part in a competition at the Isle of wight dance,music and drama festival and I'm going to enter it in the under 18 catergory and perform a dance in front of a live audience. I love doing hair and beauty at school I get my hair washed nails . Every night before bed I have my own party disco in my bedroom withmy own dance mat, disco lights, karaoke machine and other party stuff like party blowers, pompoms and ribbon dancers and many other party stuff.

I don't have any pets but if I could have a pet I would like a pet gold fish. I love meeting people where ever I go and making new friends when I go shopping or where ever I go and i'm always smiley and happy. When I leave school I would like to work in Morrisons in Newport Isle of Wight i've been wanting to work there for years and I did work experience there and had a look round got my own t shirt and name badge and had a go on the till.

Hi Im Brayden Gibbins im sixteen years old i go to six form at st George's in Newport and I live in a small seaside town named Ventnor and I live with my mum sister brother and my pet dog sugar. I have an interst in chess and board gamees like it such as drafts  and im also pashionate about art especailly drawing and sometimes  I like to go around bonchurch in ventnor on my bike.


Hi my name is Finn I am eighteen  I go to six form at St Georges in Newport I live in a rather old but loud village called shanklin and I live with my mother and two brothers also my three rather fat but cute guinea pigs and they love to eat a lot.

My hobbies are watersports and a lot of boxing and I love to play video games, what I want to do as a future career is acting and modeling because I am so enthusiastic and motivated to be the best actor and modlel  I can be, and hopefully be able to do my own stunts because I am quite athletic.


Hey  my name is Lou. I live in Newport. I have two younger brothers.

I love walking down the river because it's a really nice and quiet place, when it's nice weather.  I also like writing poems about my emotions. It helps me stop bottling things up.

I like watching Heartstopper. This is about the lgbtqia+ . If you dont know much about the lgbtqia+ it can be very informational. I wish we were in a time  where  people who are part of the lgbtqia+ can be more supported.

Hi my name is Abdul i am 17 years old i go to St Georges school sixth form .

i live in cowes i have mum,  dad, brother and sister. i am the youngest.

i like going out with rachael to my voluntary job at northwood cemetery where i keep the garden nice and tidy.

i like going to different places on the isle of wight like ryde , sandown , tapnell, shanklin and mcdonalds. i like going to newport and looking around the shops.

i enjoy going out with my friends in cowes and gurnard and often  go out for a walk on the seafront. it is good to see the red funell boats coming and going all over the place.

i like to go to college when i leave school and i want  to work at socialising buddies to take people out and have fun.

i went on holiday recentely  to bangladesh i went on the 23rd october 2022 till 18th november 2022.

it was very hot and i had a nice time seeing my family.

it was too  long sitting on the plane. it was 10 hours 30 minutes and i just wanted it to get home.

my favourite subjects at school are car mechanics and constructions because it is practical

i like learning things and seeing everyone and love having chat to staff and students.

Hey i'm Callum and i'm 17 and these are some hobbies I do such as horse riding and football. I play for Brading Youth, we play matchs on sunday and we don't change positions we like to play in different so we can get a feel for different positions and a bonus of playing in differnt positions is that the other team dont know what to expect. I also find that music is good motovation and a good way to express yourself and I live in Godshill Isle of Wight there is lots of nice walks  for dogs and people.


Hi I am Dan i am 17 and these are some hobbies i do, be prepard I am in Medina Marching Band in which i play the drums and Tenor drums and other sorts of instrements I am also in Scouting which I have been doing for ten years I am a Explorer I am from Newport and I used to be to be in a church choir for nine years.

Hi My name is Leland I'm 17 years old I live on the Isle of Wight in East Cowes.

I have a pet and he is a springer spaniel and is called Dexter. My favourite sport is football I support England and I like to play football. I have a partner called Melissa, we go to the same school together and we love One Direction. I like to swim in East Cowes seafront. I have social media. I like to talk to my friend on social media, and my favourite one is tiktok. I like to go on Youtube on my computer and I like to watch gaming videos. I like to walk around in East Cowes is East Cowes is a great place to live on the Isle of Wight.